Are You Juggling of Funneling

I find myself mesmerized by skilled jugglers who defy gravity by simultaneously sending countless balls into the air and somehow keeping them all from plummeting to the ground. I also empathize, for running a ministry often feels like juggling. We desperately try to keep all the programs, events, and studies up and running. Hoping none will fall. But there is always something begging us to catch it—another seminar to attend or ministry to launch, endless needs begging for our attention and hearts to encourage!

Deciding what to add and what to bring to a close can be daunting if we aren’t certain of our purpose. We must have a clear vision of what we are aiming at, so we can make deliberate choices that direct women toward one unified goal.

Instead of juggling, perhaps we should funnel.

The Apostle Paul was steadfast in his aim and purpose, “Presenting everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 2:28). As leaders of women, we strive to do the same by nurturing spiritual growth in the hearts and lives of the women looking to us for guidance. We have been given the great privilege and responsibility to direct women to places where they can engage and study God by digging into where true growth can be nurtured—His Word. In the process, it is freeing to discover that we don’t have to juggle a vast variety of ministries to meet every need. Instead, we can lovingly funnel women to places where they can share God’s Word, and discover how to let Jesus guide them through life’s inevitable challenges.

This doesn’t mean we totally dismiss all other ministry events, but we view them as “connectors” to small group Bible study where women can go deeper and flourish. We may still offer special gatherings. Serving through cupcake bars and Pinterest worthy décor, but all the hospitality, frosting, and gorgeous lettering is done with a bigger purpose in mind. What starts with confections can end in connections if we use our events to point at what comes next. We do not allow an event to go by without sharing how entering into the discipleship process through Bible study with other women will help us to love and care for her as she seeks her Savior. No single event or outreach stands alone if growth is our ultimate aim.

For example, a young mom who is welcomed into a play group for her children can operate as a meaningful connector. By experiencing a sense of belonging there, it may give her the courage to join a weekly Bible study with other women who will encourage, share life and grow alongside her.

If spiritual maturity is our goal, and God’s Word and His Spirit is the source of growth, we stop “juggling programs” and start “lovingly funneling women” to places that provide opportunity for lasting transformation, growth and redemption. Soon the care for our women can be shared with our women, for as they mature they begin to join us on the mission. As leaders our sense of desperation dissipates, and joy and hopeful anticipation of what God will do amongst His ladies takes its place!

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