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Bible Studies – Experiencing Growth – Small Group Bible Studies For Women

Bible Studies

Experiencing Growth Bible Studies

  • Thought provoking questions for facilitating small groups that promote good discussion and personal application not dependent on a lecturer or video series.
  • Written for various level of Bible study students; good for new students of the Bible and challenges for the seasoned.
  • Discipleship focused, encouraging women to live life alongside one another as they study God’s Word and grow together.
  • Written in a five day format to encourage daily time in God’s Word.
  • Each study stands alone, and can also be used in sequence to build a firm foundation for spiritual growth and continued discipleship.


1-3 John – Experiencing Transformation

We all long to experience transformation in our lives, relationships, and the world, but too often we settle for far less. Jesus invites us into a life filled with powerful truth, love, and hope. In this study of First, Second, and Third John, you will discover the source of true transformation. As the world continues to proclaim empty philosophies contrary to the Word of God, we need not feel overwhelmed by conflicting worldviews before us. John wanted those seeking wisdom to be equipped to discern between truth and deception, and know that truth is transformative, not subjective. The deepest truth and the greatest love are displayed through the person and ways of Jesus; yet until His return, there will always be people questioning His ways and trying to distort the intent of His teachings. John’s inspired warnings and instructions remain profoundly relevant today , and his encouragements comfort the longings of our souls. This eight week study will take you back in time and meet you right where you are. It will invite you to step into the light and move from darkness to love.



Experiencing Growth – Developing a Discipleship Focused Women’s Ministry

Are you weary of planning and preparing for stand-alone events that seem to have little lasting impact? Do you long to see continued growth in the lives of your women? Do you need a plan that works for all ages and stages of a woman’s life? Would you love to see all the components of your ministry work together toward one united purpose? Experiencing Growth: Developing a Discipleship Focused Women’s Ministry offers a simple solution to these common issues in a women’s ministry, based on what Paul told Titus would be the most effective way to reach the women in his church.


book_04John – Experiencing Jesus

Experience Jesus through stories of His teaching, miracles, redemption, and love as you study the Book of John. Discover a hope that can only be found in a saving faith in Jesus. Whether you are looking to meet Jesus for the first time or have known Him for a long time, this study is designed to get to know and experience Jesus more intimately and fully. This unique weekly study features twenty-two weeks of daily assignments through the book of John for groups or individuals.


book_01Galatians – Experiencing Freedom

We often feel exhausted with all that we need to do. We can feel like we don’t measure up, and we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We cart around expectations for ourselves given by others while being quick to put expectations on other people.   Life can feel heavy and burdensome at times.

There is nothing a Christian can do to add to the finished work on the cross. Galatians teaches us to experience freedom in the truth of the Gospel.   It shows us how to live a life seasoned with grace for ourselves and for other people. It teaches us to walk daily with the Holy Spirit and live transformed lives. Start living in freedom today through this unique weekly study featuring twenty-two weeks of daily assignments through the book of John for groups or individuals.


book_03James – Maturing in Faith

Simply and clearly, James describes what belief in the gospel of grace looks like in real life.

James, A Maturing Faith explores the book of James as it evaluates the reality of faith. Women will interact in a unique weekly study featuring twenty-two weeks of daily assignments. Topics such as joy, trials, wisdom, prayer, the tongue and many more are covered, as women are encouraged to evaluate their actions and consider where their faith can mature.


book_06To Know His Name – A Study of the Names of God

Know God more intimately as you understand His character through His Names. In this small group Bible Study women will discover that He is the God who sees, the God who heals, the God who provides and so much more.


book_05One Sent – His Heart + His Hands

From sharing the gospel to discipling a new believer, learn to have His heart and His hands. Women will take a journey through God’s Word and practical experience to discover how to live intentionally with family, friends, the community and the world through this unique 22 lesson Bible study for individuals and groups.


book_02Hope – A Daily Devotional

We often look to find in relationships, jobs, money, health, and material things. When those things let us down we are disappointed. Where can we find real hope for each day?

Hope, A Daily Devotional is a powerful devotional that points us each day to where our true hope is – in the Living God. As we discover who God is we can put our confident expectation in Him!



Even though I have participated in Bible studies for more than 20 years, I never felt like I had a firm foundation in the basics of God’s Word. This curriculum teaches who Jesus is and builds on the freedom we have in our faith and how to live the Christian life while growing closer to God. I certainly never felt qualified to lead a small group of ladies in a Bible study and the Experiencing Growth Bible study curriculum has helped me learn to love “digging a little deeper” into the Word of God as I lead women in discussions of weekly lessons.I have a new appreciation of the Bible as a living book that teaches and encourages me in my Christian walk.

—Robin Nobis