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Experiencing Growth – Small Group Bible Studies For Women


Ministry Mentoring

Develop passionate and equipped ministry leaders.

Provide community, support, and encouragement.

Find practical help and resources.

  • A new way of doing Bible Study in small groups.
  • Written to provide thought provoking questions that promote good discussions.
  • Not dependent on a video lecturer or live teacher.
  • Written for various level of Bible Study; good for both new students and challenging for the seasoned.
  • Discipleship focused, encouraging women to live life alongside one another as they study God’s Word.
  • Written in a five day format, to encourage daily time in God’s Word.
  • Studies that stand alone or can be used in a sequence to build a firm foundation for spiritual growth.

Newest Arrivals

We all long to experience transformation in our lives, relationships, and the world, but too often we settle for far less. This eight week study will take you back in time and meet you right where you are. It will invite you to step into the light and move from darkness to love.

Are you weary of planning and preparing for stand-alone events that seem to have little lasting impact? Do you long to see continued growth in the lives of your women? Do you need a plan that works for all ages and stages of a woman’s life? Would you love to see all the components of your ministry work together toward one united purpose? Experiencing Growth: Developing a Discipleship Focused Women’s Ministry offers a simple solution to these common issues in a women’s ministry, based on what Paul told Titus would be the most effective way to reach the women in his church.
The Experiencing Growth Collection

Discover a hope that can only be found in Jesus. Whether you are looking to meet Jesus for the first time or have known Him for a long time, this study is designed to get to know and experience Jesus more intimately and fully.

Know God more intimately as you understand His character through His Names. In this small group Bible Study women will discover that He is the God who sees, the God who heals, the God who provides and so much more.

Life can feel burdensome at times. Galatians teaches us to experience freedom in the truth of the Gospel. Start living in freedom through this study featuring 22 weeks of daily assignments for groups or individuals.

Women will take a journey through God's Word and practical experience to discover how to live intentionally with family, friends, the community and the world through this 22-lesson Bible study for individuals and groups.

James, A Maturing Faith explores the book of James as it evaluates the reality of faith. Women will interact with topics such as joy, trials, wisdom, prayer, and the tongue in this twenty-two week daily study.

We often look to find in relationships, jobs, money, health, and material things. Hope, A Daily Devotional is a powerful devotional that points us each day to where our true hope is - in the Living God.

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What Others Are Saying…

  • This study was pivotal in helping me to grasp how, as a busy wife and mom, that I can live intentionally in seeking to follow Christ and His command to live out the Great Commission.

    Lauren B.
  • The curriculum used for Women’s Discipleship is in a format that allows for daily study in God’s Word…

    Sally Galver
  • These studies are so application based! I am so thankful for these studies and highly recommend them to women who are seasoned studiers of God’s Word, as well as those who are just beginning on their journey of knowing God through the Bible.

    Lauren Bain

I love the fact that the lessons include good questions to contemplate and which help me evaluate my walk with the Lord and challenge me to change.

    Sharon Jarka
  • The Galatians study has been quite eye opening and extremely freeing.

    Francel Wyatt
  • I’ve had the opportunity to go through several of these studies, and each day I learn new things, and deepen my faith in the Lord. So thankful for these guides to help me grow in my walk.

    Lauren Bernard
  • It’s a wonderful, informative and encouraging look at the New Testament letter by James the brother of Jesus. Highly recommended!

    David Sanford, Corban University
  • These are women who live and love by The Book. Their lives match the counsel they give and the insights they point out in this bible study. Highly recommended.

    Dr. Marty and Linda Trammell